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Google Meets video gesprek AMO – Stichting ABaCus

Google Meets video gesprek AMO – Stichting ABaCus

On May 11 a Google Meets connect took place between AMO and ABaCus Foundation. It was very valuable to virtually meet and to share updates on AMO and ABaCus Foundation. Participants from AMO: Mrs. Jackson and (in alphabetical order) Amfo, Henk, Kwabena, Richard and participants from ABaCus Foundation (in alphabetical order): Bert, Bianca, Paul, Rik (meeting chair).

The agenda of the meeting contained the following topics

  • ABaCus Foundation annual plan
  • AMO (business/NGO) annual plan
  • Training hall and training
  • Running projects

Both parties appreciated the lively conversation. We’ll stay connected through email and possibly we’ll schedule another virtual connect later this year (Q4).